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www.tra.go.tz Login-Tanzania Revenue Authority

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Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA)
Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA)

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995 and started its operations on 1st July 1996.  In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is a semi-autonomous Government Agency of the United Republic of Tanzania. It was established by the Tanzania Revenue Act, CAP. 339 in 1995 and started its operations on the 1st of July 1996.

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In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is responsible for, among others, to administer and give effect to the laws or the specified provisions of the laws set out in the First Schedule to said Act, and for that purpose, TRA undertakes to assess, collect, and account for all revenue to which those laws apply, on behalf of the Government. Other specific functions of TRA include the following. First, to monitor, oversee, coordinate activities and ensure the fair, efficient and effective administration of revenue laws by the Revenue Department in the jurisdiction of the Union Government. Second, to monitor and ensure the collection of fees, levies, charges, or any other tax collected by any Ministry, Department or Division of the Government as revenue for the Government. Third, to advise the Minister and other relevant organs on all matters pertaining to fiscal policy, the implementation of the Policy, and the constant improvement of policy regarding revenue laws and administration. Fourth, to promote voluntary tax compliance to the highest degree possible. Fifth, to take such measures as may be necessary to improve the standard of service given to Taxpayers with a view to improving the effectiveness of the revenue Departments and maximizing revenue collection. Sixth, to determine the steps to be taken to counteract fraud and other forms of tax and another fiscal evasion. Seventh, to produce trade statistics and publications on a quarterly basis.

Taxes and charges administered and collected by Authority are Income Taxes that include, Corporate Tax, Individuals, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Skills Development Levy (SDL), and other Withholding Taxes, Value Added Tax (VAT), Import Duty, Excise Duty, Stamp Duty, Airport Service Charge, Port Service Charge, Motor Vehicle Registration, and Transfer Tax, Property Rate, Fuel Levy, Petroleum Levy, Tourism Development Levy, Railway Development Levy, and Motor Vehicle Driving License Fee. The current chairperson of the TRA is Dr. suleiman M. Missango. Offices of the TRA are located in Dar es Salaam.

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How to apply and obtain a Tanzania TIN Number

  • Visit TRA website here
  • Click “Register”
  • Enter your “Taxpayer Identification Information” ie National ID and phone number
  • Type in given code and click “Next”
  • Enter a “1 time passcode” sent to your mobile
  • Set up your email and password
  • Login and click apply TIN
  • Select Individual or non-individual
  • Enter all required information
  • Click submit

Note: Your application will be submitted, and you will be required to visit any of the TRA branch offices to complete the registration process where your TIN number will be issued.

Guide to filling Tanzania TIN Number application

  1. Always tick the box corresponding to the category you fall under for example a sole proprietor / individual or business
  2. Select your activity (why you require a tin number) for example for motor vehicle registration, driver license, business, investment, property rates or any other of your choice
  3. Required personal details include;
  • Taxpayer PIN Number if available.
  • Your title.
  • First Name.
  • Middle Name.
  • Surname.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Postal Address.
  • P.O. Box/ S.L.P.
  • Postal Office

How to verify and search your tin

In order to verify your tin number, you will visit any of the TRA branch offices with your TIN certificate, TIC, certificate of the company or business registration/incorporation, and any other document which identifies you. This will help the officer to search, verify and confirm with you. TZ-TRA-1010917500 is an example of Tanzania’s TIN number format.

Jinsi Ya KUPATA TIN NUMBER(Epuka Vishoka TIN ni BURE)

TRA Contacts Details

TRA Contacts


Postcode:28 Edward Sokoine Drive,11105 Mchafukoge, Ilala CBD, P.O.Box 11491, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

TRA Call Centre

Please use the call centre for general enquiries, requests, complaints and report or obtain information on the availability of TRA business systems. All TRA customers are encouraged to use this service from wherever they are.

Calls from Tanzania will be free:

0800 750 075

0800 780 078

The call centre working hours will be from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm East African time, Monday to Friday except public holiday.

TRA Regional Offices

Find all contact details for regional offices here.

  • Call Centre TRA Call Centre
    Dar es salaam, Tanzania
  • Phone: 0800 750 075
  • Arusha Regional Manager
    Arusha, Tanzania
  • Phone: +255 27 254 5967
  • Coast Region Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 240 2905
  • Kinondoni Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2771846
  • Ilala Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2185545
  • Temeke Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2861122
  • Mwanza Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2500906
  • Tanga Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2642200
  • Kilimanjaro Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2753268
  • Tabora Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 26 2604609
  • Rukwa Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2801089
  • Ruvuma Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2602140
  • Shinyanga Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2762385
  • Singida Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 26 2502320
  • Mtwara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 2333662
  • Mbeya Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2502165
  • Mara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2622551
  • Manyara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2531006
  • Lindi Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 2202662
  • Kigoma Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2802054



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